Probleme Internationaler Studierender

I have been in Germany for 2 years and it is my 4th place to live. I had to find a new place every 3-4 months. I paid up to 20,000 euros for the house in two years. I missed my first semester here because of accommodation. I applied a hundred times for a place in Studentenwohnhei m. My previous landlord kept me in her flat illegally and charged me 500 euros more for the time I was in my country. The housing problem in Potsdam and Berlin is huge, especially for married students. Single students can find a flat-share, but this is a difficult problem for married students. For example, my partner and I found a shared flat with one room for each of us. And the payment for the two of us together was 800 euros. In a house where you share the kitchen and toilet with 4 other people, that is terrible!