Wenn Wohnen die Psyche belastet

As I am from Russia, due to sanctions, I couldn’t search for an apartment remotely. When I arrived, I couldn’t find housing. Initially, I had to stay in terrible and unsafe hostels in Berlin. Later, I rented a room from a student in Potsdam (it was a temporary solution). This place turned out to be unsafe as well. After three weeks, my apartment neighbour frightened me so much that I had to leave in the middle of the night. He turned out to be drug-dependent, and I only got my money back by threatening to involve the police. I had a very traumatic experience in the first month of moving to Germany. I am still living in a hotel because I couldn’t find a permanent apartment. The WG website where I submitted rental applications turned out to be a very dishonest place. I only received responses from scammers who wanted to deceive me. I am very disappointed. If I have to quit my studies, it will be due to housing issues.